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Are you looking for the top civil engineering universities in USA for MS? Then you are in a right place. Here is the list of best universities for MS in civil engineering. The USA has top universities for Masters in civil engineering courses. Civil is one of the traditional engineering branches with excellent job opportunities. The United States has the best masters degree for civil engineers to pursue Masters in civil engineering. So, here we provide the list of best universities for Masters in civil engineering in USA. These best civil engineering school rankings are given by considering various factors such as research facilities in civil engineering schools, student to faculty, highest pass percentage etc. We have also divided the best Civil Engineering schools In USA according to the GRE Scores obtained by the MS In Civil Engineering aspirants.

  • Best Civil Engineering Schools with GRE 320-330+
  • Top Civil Engineering Schools with GRE 300-320
  • Masters In Civil Engineering with GRE 275-300

Top Universities For MS In Civil Engineering

Generally, the popular civil engineering masters courses are as follows.

  • Structural Engineering.
  • Transportation Engineering.
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Water Resources.

best civil engineering schools

So, we provided the list of top universities for Masters in civil engineering GRE Score 320 – 330+ These best universities for Masters In Civil Engineering offers best civil engineering masters programs. Hence MS aspirants who secured GRE score 320-330+ can check these list of best universities for Masters In Civil Engineering. The list of best civil engineering schools is as follows. 

Also, Check top 10 universities in USA for Masters.

Best Civil Engineering Schools 2018 – Gre 320-330+

SNo University
1 Carnegie Mellon University
2 Purdue University, West Lafayette
3 Virginia Tech
4 Cornell University
5 Stanford University
6 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
7 University of Texas, Austin ,Cockrell
8 Georgia Institute of Technology
9 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
10 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11 University of California, Berkeley
12 California Institute of Technology
13 University of California, Davis
14 University of Wisconsin, Madison
15 Lehigh University ,Rossin
16 University of Washington
17 Texas A&M University, College Station ,Look
18 University of Maryland, College Park ,Clark
19 Pennsylvania State University, University Park
20 Princeton University
21 University of California, San Diego ,Jacobs
22 University of Southern California ,Viterbi
23 University of Colorado, Boulder
24 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
25 University of California, Los Angeles ,Samueli
26 Northwestern University ,McCormick
27 North Carolina State University
28 University at Buffalo, SUNY

These best civil engineering schools offer admission to the candidates who scored 320-330+ in GRE. In this list of civil engineering masters schools. The Carnegie Mellon University crowns the first position and became the first best civil engineering schools in USA. The second best civil engineering school among the top civil engineering colleges is Purdue University. These best civil engineering schools also provide entry level civil engineering jobs in USA with good civil engineer salary. So, prepare well to secure best GRE score and get admitted into these best civil engineering school.

Best Graduate School For Civil Engineering with GRE 300-320

SNo University
1 Arizona State University , Fulton
2 Colorado State University
3 University of Notre Dame
4 University of Iowa
5 Columbia University ,Fu Foundation
6 University of Florida
7 Drexel University
8 University of California, Irvine ,Samueli
9 Duke University ,Pratt
10 Rice University ,Brown
11 Iowa State University
12 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
13 Johns Hopkins University ,Whiting
14 Ohio State University
15 Michigan State University
16 Northeastern University
17 Auburn University ,Ginn
18 Case Western Reserve University
19 Clemson University
20 Brigham Young University ,Fulton
21 Clarkson University
22 Washington State University
23 Utah State University
24 University of Utah
25 Vanderbilt University
26 University of Virginia
27 University of Pittsburgh ,Swanson
28 University of Kansas
29 University of Arizona
30 Oklahoma State University
31 University of Cincinnati
32 University of Delaware
33 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
34 University of Nebraska, Lincoln
35 Missouri University of Science & Technology
36 University of Massachusetts, Amherst
37 University of Tennessee, Knoxville
38 University of Nevada, Reno
39 Oregon State University
40 Michigan Technological University
41 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

So, here is the list of top civil engineering universities in USA for MS with GRE scores 300-320. In this top university for MS in civil engineering with GRE 300-320, Arizona State University occupies the first position followed by Colorado State University. These civil engineering universities also offer excellent research facilities and civil engineering Internships to the Masters In Civil Engineering students who scored GRE Between 300-320. 

Best Civil Engineering Schools With GRE 275-300

SNo University
1 CUNY, City College ,Grove
2 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
3 University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
4 University of Rhode Island
5 University of New Mexico
6 University of Missouri
7 University of Nevada, Las Vegas ,Hughes
8 University of New Hampshire
9 University of Vermont
10 University of Oklahoma
11 University of South Carolina
12 University of South Florida
13 University of North Carolina, Charlotte ,Lee
14 University of Wyoming
15 New Jersey Institute of Technology
16 Illinois Institute of Technology ,Armour
17 New Mexico State University
18 Old Dominion University ,Batten
19 Texas Tech University ,Whitacre
20 Syracuse University
21 North Dakota State University
22 Stevens Institute of Technology ,Schaefer
23 Tufts University
24 Ohio University ,Russ
25 University of Alabama
26 Wayne State University
27 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
28 University of Missouri
29 University of Hawaii, Manoa
30 University of Massachusetts, Lowell ,Francis
31 University of Colorado, Denver
32 University of Connecticut
33 University of Illinois, Chicago
34 University of Miami
35 University of Kentucky
36 University of Maine
37 University of New Hampshire
38 West Virginia University
39 Montana State University
40 Mississippi State University ,Bagley
41 Florida A&M University - Florida State University
42 George Mason University ,Volgenau
43 George Washington University
44 University of Houston ,Cullen
45 Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Finally, the top civil engineering schools with GRE 275-300 scores are mentioned above. These best graduate schools for civil engineering provide admission in Masters In Civil engineering with GRE scores between 275-300. So, these civil engineering schools also have a decent profile and offer good civil engineering internships and research facilities. But, These top civil engineering schools can be preferred by the average students with Gre Scores 275-300.

List of Blacklisted Universities in USA.

Masters In Civil Engineering

My Verdict

Finally, The hierarchy of best civil engineering schools In USA according to the GRE Scores 275-320+ is explained in this article. So, Masters In Civil Engineering aspirants can get admitted into these best civil engineering schools in USA according to their Scores in GRE Exam. But Our suggestion is to score better in GRE and get admitted into the best schools for civil engineering in USA. As these Best schools in civil engineering offer best course curriculum, research facilities and civil engineering internships. Therefore, America Masters wishes Good Luck to all Masters In Civil Engineering aspirants in USA.

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