List Of Documents Required for F1 Visa Interview – F1 Visa Documents Spring 2018

Here is the list of documents required for F1 visa requirements to show at US consulate. This F1 visa documents checklist is mandatory to carry while appearing for F1 Visa Interview. So, Be careful and gather all you required student visa documents at least a week before attending the Student F1 Visa interview spring 2018. So that you will feel free in this US F1 Visa Interview Process.

documents required for F1 visa

Book F1 visa slot as early as possible after you receive your I20 from your dreamed university. Though you can book your Student visa slot at any Us consulate, prefer booking the slot at the nearest consulate to your place. As it prevents additional questions from the Visa officer. Try to book a slot in the morning sections so you feel fresh and can answer well.

Check the extremely useful and Frequently asked F1 Visa Interview questions.

Documents Required for F1 Visa Interview

F1 Visa Documents Checklist

  • F1 student Visa Interview Appointment letter.
  • SEVIS Fee Payment Receipt.
  • Visa Fee Payment Receipt.
  • DS-160 Online Application Form.
  • Passport.
  • Original I20 Form. (signed by applicant)
  • Letter of Admission.
  • GRE / GMAT Original Score Sheet.
  • TOEFL / IELTS Original Score Sheet.
  • Work Experience Certificate of the company. (If You Have Any)
  • Letter from the employer. 
  • Scholarship letter. ( If You Have Any)
  • Original Mark sheets of 10th and 12th.
  • Provisional & Original Degree Certificates.
  • Official Transcripts of B.Tech. (Other)
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Resume.
  • Photographs. (3-4)
  • Accepts/Rejects Letters from other Universities.
  • Print out of Email Communication with Professors. (If any)
  • College Student ID Card.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Birth Certificate.

Hence these are the important documents required for the F1 Visa Interview spring 2018. Now, Let us see the most important f1 visa financial documents samples for the student visa USA f1 visa Interview and learn How to show financial statement for F1 visa?

F1 Visa Financial Documents Samples

  • Bank Passbook or Statements. (at least 6 months)
  • Loan Sanction Letter.
  • Fixed Deposits Bonds.
  • Affidavit of Support of sponsor.
  • Proof of relation with the sponsor.
  • Statement of your Assets / Properties.
  • Fixed / Non-movable Assets Valuation Report. ( CA & CE)
  • Liquid Assets Valuation Reports. (Gold, LIC)
  • Income Tax Return of Father & Mother.
  • Salary slips of Parents.
  • PPF Passbooks.
  • Any other savings or Investment proofs.

Also, check for the ideal Dress code for F1 Visa Interview.

US F1 Visa Stamping Documents

Therefore, You have seen the complete list of essential documents required for F1 Visa Interview spring 2018.

documents required for f1 visa

Now, arrange all the F1 Visa interview documents checklist in the proper order in such a way that when the visa officer asks for a particular document, you should give him immediately without searching for it. Let us discuss the arrangement order. Buy a light coloured file and arrange all the f1 visa financial documents sample in the following order.

documents required for f1 visa

Documents Required For F1 Visa Interview

  • Firstly, Keep all the F1 visa documents like appointment letter and payment receipts of SEVIS, DS 160 and Visa Fee Receipt in the first folder.
  • In the next folder keep your Passport and I20 of the university you are appearing for.
  • In section three and four places all your financial supportive documents like Affidavits, Bank statement, IT returns of sponsors, property valuation reports etc.
  • Place all your Test scores and the Educational documents in the next folders.
  • Finally, keep all your valid Identity proofs given by the government of your country in one folder.
  • In addition to the above things, maintain two sets of xerox copies of all the listed items.


So, Finally, these are the f1 visa financial documents sample required for US F1 Visa Interview [US visa interview]. The Visa officer may ask any type of the above-mentioned F1 visa documents at the period of Interview. So, please review the F1 visa document checklist twice before appearing to the US F1 Visa interview process. As all US consulates in India need these documents for Student F1 Visa Interview. Therefore, Be confident & All the Best. Stay tuned to America Masters for more F1 visa details such as new F1 visa rules 2018, F1 visa experiences, f1 visa second attempt questions, student F1 visa questions and answers PDF 2018, f1 visa is valid for how many years, F1 visa rejection rate and much more.

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