How To Dress Up For F1 Student Visa | US Visa Interview Dress Code

Hello Aspirants, In this article, Let us have a glance on How should I dress up for F1 Visa interview? Generally, after student f1 visa questions and answers PDF 2018. It is the most common question asked by many students who are going to attend the F1 student visa interview 2018. Yes, the proper dress code really matters at the time of student F1 visa interview. Let us discuss in brief about the dress code for F1 visa embassy interview. As improper dress code is also considered as one of the causes for student f1 visa rejection.

dress ode for F1 visa

What Should I Wear at the Time of Visa Interview

Visa interview is a process of presenting yourself before the visa officer. So the proper code really makes a significant difference. So, We should dress up in such a way that the visa officer should get a good impression at his first sight. As he does not know anything about you previously. The way you look like seriously matters in order to estimate your character. Hence, we should get prepared with our attire before appearing to us visa interview. Though there are no Immigration rules and written policies, it is better to be cautious when it comes to the dress code for F1 visa interview. As this is the final step of your success, we must be very careful and attentive.

Frequently Asked F1 Visa Interview Questions

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Dress Code For US Visa Interview – Dress Code For Women

Now, Let us discuss the Women’s Attire for US F1 Visa Interview. The first and foremost thing you have to remember is to wear the dress which is comfortable to you. As you are already a bit nervous about the F1 Visa interview wearing heavy uncomfortable dress will make you more intolerable. So, consider the following steps and prepare yourself for the best. Here, we have explained about the ideal dress code for f1 visa interview for girls.

dress code for f1 visa

  • Prefer light colour conservative suit or salwar, saree is not advisable for F1 Visa.
  • Don’t do too much makeup.
  • Avoid Strong perfumes.
  • Well, managed professional hair style of medium length.
  • Light Colored Lipstick.
  • Limited Jewellery.
  • Avoid flashy neck ornaments and ear tops.
  • Nice Slim Watch.
  • Trimmed nails.
  • Shoes which matches with your dress colour mostly black is preferable.
  • Avoid wearing high heels more than 1 inch.
  • Finally, Choose the professional leather file for your documents.
  • Avoid all the coloured stuff which gives the awkward look.

IDeal Dress Code For US Visa Interview -Dress Code For Men

On moving to the men’s formal attire. Always maintain the decent and professional look. Avoid casual wear and T-shirts at the time of US visa interview. Let us discuss in brief. Here we have explained about the ideal dress code for f1 visa interview for men.

dress corviewde for F1 visa

  • Long sleeve light coloured shirt.
  • Formal trousers.
  • Matching tie with the shirt colour.
  • Professional Hair Style.
  • Avoid Jewellery such as bracelet and ear stud.
  • Avoid Strong Perfumes and prefer mild perfumes.
  • Belt, wear a black or brown belt with no big loops.
  • Dark socks and leather shoes.
  • Avoid wearing sports shoes.
  • Decent watch with the leather strap
  • Buy the professional file where you keep all your documents.
  • Finally, Make yourself look professional with the decent shave.

Hence, here is the ideal dress code for F1 student visa interview.

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So, Finally, these are some tips regarding the dress code for student visa interview. Though there is no particular pattern about dress code, wearing the comfortable and decent dress will boost your confidence at the time of visa interview. Hope this article about Ideal Dress code for F1 visa interview is helpful to you and stay tuned to America Masters for more tips. Here in this site you can find the f1 visa latest news, f1 visa experiences and other F1 visa details. All The Best and Fly with colours.

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