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First of all, Congratulations on reaching the final step of the H1B visa Interview process. You have cleared all the H1b interview process. Now you are just one step ahead of your success. So, ready for the final interview process to reach your goals and to step in the United States. In this article, I will explain you about how to prepare for the H1b Visa Interview process and various tips to get succeed in the US H1B Visa Interview. Frequently asked H1B Visa Interview Questions and answers.

How To Prepare For H1b visa Interview Questions

H1b Visa Interview Questions

Visa Interview is the face to face interaction between two individuals i.e visa officer and visa applicants. It is the most important part of the entire process of obtaining H1B visa. Hence, Despite having all the documents and meeting all the criteria, visa applicants often get refused. Here some of the few tips for the H1b interview questions and answers

  • Don’t get nervous with the word “Interview” this not like a job interview.
  • The most important thing you must have is self-confidence.
  • Applicants who are well prepared and who answer confidently in the visa interview are usually successful in getting the visa.

H1b Visa Check List – Documents For H1B Visa Stamping

Here we have given the complete H1B visa checklist and required documents for h1b visa stamping. The documents that are mandatory for the H1b visa Interview process are here. So, carry all the necessary documents for H1B visa stamping and prepare well for the H1B visa interview questions 2018.


Here, We have given the Frequently asked questions of H1B Visa Interview process. Here is the list of frequently asked H1B Visa interview questions. For, clear understanding we have divided the H1-B visa questions into different categories.

  • Basic Introduction of yourself.
  • Educational Qualifications.
  • Employer & Client Related Questions.

Basic Introduction of H1B Applicant

H1B Visa Questions - Basic Introduction

  • How are you doing today?
  • Can I see your Labour Condition Application (LCA)?
  • Can I see your H1b approval document(I-797)?
  • Where is your passport?
  • Do you have any old passport?
  • Why do you want to go to the USA?
  • Have you ever been to the US?
  • Are you planning to return to India?
  • Are you married?
  • When do you visit the India again?
  • Have you ever applied for Immigrant/nonimmigrant visa for any other countries?
  • Have you travelled to India Outside?

Education Qualifications – H1B Visa Interview Questions

H1B Visa Interview Questions - Educational Qualifications

  • What is your Qualification?
  • Did you Graduate from the US?
  • What is your Highest degree Qualification?
  • Since how long you have been in the US?
  • Where did you do your masters?
  • Can I see your degree certificates?
  • In which year and from which university did you get this degree?
  • what was the subject of this thesis?
  • How many total years IT experience do you have?

Physical Appearance for H1b visa Interview

H1b Visa Interview Questions

  • As you are going for the professional interview, So, Dress up formally,
  • Maintain a pleasant smile.
  • Don’t panic and give genuine answers.
  • Be honest while answering all the H1B visa interview questions.
  • Finally, Be confident and answer well.

Also, check dress code for visa interview whether it may be F1 or H1B the physical appearance will be same.

Attitude Preparation for H1B visa Interview Process

In the H1b Interview, provide to point, clear and concise answers. Do not provide any extra information or not asked (In many cases, this where people make a mistake by giving unnecessary details that were not asked for)

  • Don’t argue.
  • Do not ask Unnecessary Questions.
  • Be polite and humble.

Therefore, these are tips for the H1b visa Interview where everyone should keep in mind before going to the H1b interview.

Now, Let us move to the Questions related to the employer in the H1B Visa Interview.

Employer H1B Visa Questions

Employer Questions for H1b Visa Interview

  • Which company you currently work for?
  • Since how long have you working in this company?
  • what is your current job responsibilities?
  • Can I see an offer letter?
  • What is your salary?
  • What is your current project in present company?
  • Can I see any experience letters offers?
  • How long you work in the IT Industry?
  • Show me your Bank statements?
  • Do you have any W2 form from the employer?
  • Do you have any employer documents?
  • Have you seen this in the credible company or not?
  • Who is the CEO of the company?
  • what are the Qualifications of the job?
  • Present project details in the company?

Client Questions For H1B Visa Interview

Client Questions for H1b Visa Interview

  • Who is the Client you are working for?/ what they do?
  • Are you working on the on-site location?
  • Where is client located?
  • Since how long you been working with this client?
  • What are your role and responsibilities?
  • Do have any client offer letter?
  • Do have any vendors/layers in between?
  • What made to choose to work in the USA?
  • Can I see the Photographs of your company?
  • Can I see the tax documents?
  • What kind of projects your US employer engage in?
  • At what location you work in the USA?
  • From how many years has your company been operating from the location that you are going to work it?
  • who do you report?
  • How do you this a real company?
  • Tell me about your new company?
  • What are the technologies you work on?
  • what is the annual turnover of the company?
  • will you work from office or client place?
  • what is the salary you will get in us?

During H1b Visa Interview Process

  • Greet the Interviewer when you see him or met him/ her first time.
  • Communicate clearly with the visa officer.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the question again if you don’t understand it.
  • Maintain Smile.
  • Be formal.
  • Don’t be Panic.
  • Be confident and answer well.

Also, check Checklist of H1B Visa Interview before attending for Visa Interview H1B.

H1B Visa Interview Question and Answers


Finally, these are the frequently asked questions for the H1b Visa Interview questions and answers. Getting H1b visa is not a hard nut to crack. So, perform well and give honest answers to the H1B questions. Don’t give a chance to the visa officer to extend the particular topic. Give short and genuine answers. So, Always maintain a positive attitude and leave all your tension and worries at outside of the consulate. Finally, Perform well at the H1b interview. America Masters team wishes you ALL THE BEST! For more details regarding H1B Stay tuned to America Masters 

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