How to Apply for H1B Visa 2018 | USCIS H1B Visa Lottery 2018

Are you applying for H1B Visa and searching for the right process of applying for H1B visa 2018? Then, you are in a right place. Here we have given complete details of US H1B Visa latest news, how to file H1B Visa application process, H1B visa tax filing, H1B visa cost for the employer. Here are the questions which are commonly asked by many students. So, you can find the complete details of H1B visa.

  • What is H1B visa?
  • Eligibility to apply for H1-B Visa status?
  • What are the documents required for H1B Visa?
  • How to apply for an H1-B visa 2018?
  • When to apply for H1B visa?
  • H1B Visa Application Fee?
  • H1B Visa lottery System 2018.
  • Visa H1B Extension Status.
  • H1B Visa trump policy.
  • H1B visa status check.
  • Duration of H1B visa.
  • H1B Visa Bill.
  • H1B Visa Minimum Salary.
  • Trump H1B Visa.
  • Deadline for H1B Visa 2018.



h1b visa

H1B visa is probably the most popular employment authorized non-immigrant visa. It is specially used to bring professional or skilled people to the United states for work purpose under their respective field. Under Visa Status H1B, US employers can hire skilled people from different countries or advance degree students to work for temporary basis in the United States. H1-B visa extension status can be extended up to 6 years. Also, check the deadline for H1B Visa 2018 from below sections.


Check H1B Visa Dropbox eligibility here. H1B Visa is for the people with special skills. As per educational background, the person must minimum possess a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) believes that H1B visa holder can be hired only when he/she has specialized skills and knowledge which can be attained only by earning a bachelor’s degree or higher. International students who received their degree in the United States are also eligible for H1-B visa status until unless they meet all the following requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for H1B visa are:

The brief explanation of eligibility for H1B Visa is noted below.

  • Firstly, the applicant must have an offer letter from the US employer and should be willing to sponsoring H1B Visa.
  • We cannot apply for H1B visa without having an employer sponsoring H1B Visa.
  • A valid employer-employee relationship should be maintained where the employer has full right to control the beneficiary’s employment and for maintaining legitimate H1B Visa issue such as transfer H1B visa.
  • The H1B Visa minimum salary should be paid according to prevailing wage depending on the position and geographic location or as the average wage paid to the similarly employed H1B workers in the specific occupation under the respective H1B Visa employer.


Let us have a glance over the documents required for H1B Stamping.

Click Here For list of H1B stamping required documents. 

H1B visa

  • Valid original passport with at least 6 months beyond the interview date and all the expired old passports is the foremost essential document in the H1B Visa required documents.
  • DS-160 confirmation form.
  • Visa application fee payment receipt.
  • Form I-797 which is an approval notice issued from USCIS.
  • Visa interview appointment letter.
  • Current employment letter which should indicate the date of employment, the length of employment and salary.
  • I-129 petition receipt number.
  • Social Security Number(SSN).
  • A copy of i-94, i-20 and EAD card if u have done bachelor’s or master’s degree in the USA.
  • Most recent pay-stubs.
  • Complete educational background details. (memos, mark sheets, certificates etc.)

These are the basic documents required for applying for H1B visa. In addition to these, we also required H1B Visa documents related to our employment those are

H1B Visa Required Documents related to employment:
  • Letter from employer indicating roles and responsibilities and reason to hire you.
  • Work experience letters indicating your previous H1B Visa employer (if any) along with respective pay stubs.
  • Employer full details like federal tax Id number, current employees, and other details.
  • If you have previously worked in U.S, then you are required to submit federal income tax returns, all pay slips, resume, and previous managers contact numbers.
  • LCA (Labor Condition Application) which is filled by the H1B Visa employer on behalf of the worker for work authorization.
  • Client site project details and must be paid employment.

Therefore, this is a complete list of documents required for H1-B visa filing. Now let us see the application procedure of H1B visa application process for Employee and H1B Visa required documents for Employer.

H1B Application Process For Employee

H1B Visa application process is complicated in some aspects, like paperwork with the department of labor to ensure minimum wage. Labor condition application must be filed with the department of labor ensuring that these foreign workers are no longer paid lesser wages when compared to U.S workers. H1B Visa 2018 should be applied 6 months before you start working.h1b visa

When to apply for H1B Visa 2018?

Employees who are willing to get an H1B must act early and can apply 6 months before the employment starts. The fiscal year generally starts from October-September and H1B Visa Processing time starts during the first week of April. Typically, most of the H1B Visa aspirants apply for H1B Visa on April 1 and so they can start on October 1. So, make sure to have an offer letter by late February or else it is going to be very difficult for you to get an H1B Visa. So apply for H1B Visa status at least before 6 months. After the work visa H1B Visa Processing time is completed, then the H1B Lottery results are finally available to work Visa H1B aspirants.

Step By Step Application Process For H1B Visa Filing

Now, Let us discuss the step by step process to apply for H1B visa filing. Generally, the common question for h1b visa filing is who can file h1b visa? In most of the cases, the employer pays for H1B processing. The employer cost for filing H1B visa is the standard USCIS H1B Visa fee. So, the employer will take care of filing for h1b visa. Check the application process for work visa H1B filing.

Step 1

  • Research about H1-B sponsoring companies and check LCA (Labor Condition Application) approval and denial rate of the sponsoring H1B Visa company.
  • Note that the H1B Visa employer must be E-verified.

Step 2

  • Gather all the H1B Visa required documents of work visa H1B application and send those copies to your sponsoring H1B Visa Employer.
  • After sending all the H1B Visa required documents to the H1B Employer, follow up your employer on your Work visa H1-B application and in some cases, they require additional H1B Visa required documents.
  • Here most of the employers hire H1B Visa attorney for paperwork and immigration help. So, select the proper one if you don’t have enough idea and time to process H1B Visa filing application form.

Step 3

  • Now H1-B sponsor i.e. your H1B Visa employer should mail your H1-B petition to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) and it should be delivered on April 1st. If you apply for H1B visa 2018.
  • Work early with HR (Human Resource) to determine necessary compensation and ensure to have H1B Visa employee U.S benefits.

H1-B Application Process For The Employer

As the employee-employer coordination is very important while H1B visa filing. Your H1B Visa employee needs to work for this H1B visa filing and H1B Visa tax filing process.

Step 1

  • First, Employer identifies the H1B visa needs of the company and discuss your H1-B hiring strategy with immigration experts. Finalise your H1-B visa employee application and your job designation.

Step 2

  • Employer performs a strict background verification on all the H1B Visa Holder documents. So, applicants must obtain their educational evaluation if they have any foreign degrees.

Step 3

  • Employers usually hire immigration H1B Visa attorney for the H1B Visa 2018 application processing and pay h1b visa cost for the employer on considering various factors like length of H1B Visa processing etc.

Step 4

  • Finally, Employer file LCA (Labor Condition Application) with Department of Labor (DOL) along with the H1-B Forms, Support letters & documentation.
  • At last, Employer email the H1B petition to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) for delivery on April 1. As the deadline for H1B Visa 2018 is 1st April 2018.

Hence these are the steps followed by the employer for filing the H1B visa of an employee. The next step is processing of H1B visa. Here the most important thing is the deadline for H1B Visa 2018. The deadline for h1b visa 2018 is April 1st, 2018. So, all the H1B required documents are to be sent before the deadline for h1b visa 2018.

Types of processing in H1-B Visa

Generally, There are two types of processing for H1B visa. Processing of H1B Visa can be done in 

  • Regular processing.
  • Premium processing.

h1b visa

Regular processing for H1B Visa 2018

The regular H1B Visa processing time usually takes around 3 to 5 months for approval of H1B visa status 2018.

Premium processing for H1B Visa 2018

The H1B Visa Premium processing usually takes around 15 business days for approval. But The H1B Visa Premium processing fee is somewhat expensive when compared to H1B Visa Regular processing Fee. If we want to process our H1B application premium processing. The employer has to pay the additional pay of $1225 and this amount might vary for every year. So, the cost of H1B Visa 2018 Premium Processing is $1225.

These days applicants are being hit by an RFE (request for evidence) when they are using H1B visa premium processing service. So be prepared to have all the legal documentation by H1B Visa attorney and supporting letters to be in hand before you start the H1B Visa premium processing 2018.

H1B visa lottery 2018

  • The USCIS H1B visa lottery 2018 allows 65000 H1B visas every year and an additional 20000 for advanced US degree students. These H1B visas are given based on the US H1B lottery scheme.
  • Applicants can file an H1-B Visa on April 1 and if it’s selected and approved then October 1st is the H1B lottery date if and only if there is no RFE’s (Request for Evidence) on the application.
  • If 110K US visa applications are filed for H1B on April 1st then the USCIS selects 85k applications out of 110k applications by random H1B lottery results 2018.
  • All the applications that USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) gets during the first five business days in the month of April come under one pool and lottery is conducted in that pool.
  • The immigration H1B Visa attorney can send the H-1B application packet to reach USCIS before April 7, it can be in the lottery pool for that fiscal year.
  • The applications which are not selected will be returned to the work visa h1B employer along with the H1B Visa immigration filing fees.
  • This lottery system was introduced a few years back because of the increase in H1-B Visa applications.


Quotas or Caps of H1B Visa

There are two caps or quotas of Work visa H1B

  • General cap.
  • Advanced Degree cap.

General Cap of H1B Visa 2018

The general cap has a quota of 65k. 5800 visas are allocated to citizens of Chile and Singapore. Unused visas in the previous years from Chile and Singapore are rolled into the present year.

Advanced degree cap of H1B Visa

Advanced degree cap has a cap of 20k. This cap is applicable for students who have an advanced degree in the United States. Students who have done their Advanced degree in the US are eligible for both General cap and advanced degree cap. But employees who are willing to file an H1-B can’t come under advanced degree cap.

How to check USCIS H1B visa status

After filing for an H1-B visa you can always check the H1B application status. There are multiple stages for a petition to go through.

  • At first, USCIS receives your application, you can see an acceptance message from USCIS website.
  • After acceptance state, the h1B Visa application is sent to initial review where some typical H1B processing is done to make sure there is nothing wrong in the submitted H1b Visa application.
  • Then, Once the decision is made, your approval notice is printed and mailed to your H1B Visa employer. These things will happen if and only if you have provided all the genuine information to the USCIS.
  • There are two more possible outcomes, If the application gets rejected by USCIS, then the denial decision will be notified to you.
  • Otherwise, the employer can withdraw your application at any time even when the approval decision is made.

H1-B Duration

Initially, H1-B Visa gives work authorization for a period of 3 years, after that the employer may extend H1-B status for an additional of 3 years. However, there are some exceptions in the three years extension. Thus, we can say that the validity of H1B visa is 3 years and the H1B visa extension validity period is 6 years.

Also, Check Step By Step Process of Indian Passport Renewal In USA

H1-B Extension Status

There are mainly two exceptions for H1B visa extension 2018. They are:

One year H1-B extension rule:

  • H1-B status can be extended annually in one-year increments if your I-140 petition or PERM petition was filed at least 365 days prior to the day when you reach the six-year limit.

Three-year H1-B extension rule:

  • If you are the beneficiary of an approved I-140 petition, you may extend your H1-B status for 3 years but your priority date is not current. This exception is highly dependent on employment-based (EB) category of the case.

Finally, Here is the complete information about H1B visa details. H1-B visas are Dual Intent. i.e. when you are picking up your H1-B visa at consulate you need not show your strong ties to your home country unlike tourist visas and student visas. As many companies like Microsoft are seeking H1-B expansion the number of applications will significantly raise by the next year. Hope this article is helpful to you. Stay tuned to America Masters for more details regarding h1b visa fees in India, H1B visa masters degree exemption, transfer h1b visa and much more H1b visa issue. 

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