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One of the frequently asked question when to renew passport online? Passport renewal cannot be renewed unless it is ten years old. If you are holding an Indian passport which is expired or all the pages are filled, you may need to renew expired passport quickly with Cox and Kings in the jurisdiction of Indian embassy New York. In such cases, by Renewing a US passport you will get a new passport or valid extension. How to renew expired passport? Renewing an expired passport requires filling a new passport renewal application form download. Passport renewal expedited can be reissued for 10 years for adults.US passport renewal for minors (under 18 Years of age) or child passport renewal the expedited passport renewal is given for 5 years. passport renewal under 16 also has passport renewal expedited time for 5 years. Indian Passport Renewal In USA is fairly simple and not too stressful for an instant passport renewal if you follow the guidelines below for passport renewal process.

Indian Passport renewal in USA

How to renew an expired passport & Where to renew passport?
How do you renew a passport Step By Step Procedure?
What do I need to renew my passport?
How long does it take For Passport renewal in US?
Do How much is it to renew a passport?
How to check US passport renewal status?

How to renew passport For Indian Passport renewal in USA?

Indian embassy and consulates, Indian passport renewal Houston have outsourced passport application services to Cox & Kings Global Services (CKGS) from May 2016. BLS International’s contract with Indian government expired in April 2016 and will no longer receive applications for passport renewal. (If you have already applied with BLS passport renewal, they will return the passport and ask you to apply with CKGS). Renew passport post office locations can also help you for renewing your passport.

How do I renew my passport?

Indian Passport Renewal in USA is the quickest way to renew your passport. After getting US passport renewal form we can renew Passport by mail using passport renewal Form DS-82 or you can go for renew passport in person. In order to renew US passport with renew passport form, you need the following supporting documents, notice that you need to send the notarized copy of everything except the passport pages for Indian passport renewal in USA.

  • Original Current Passport
  • Renew Passport Online Application Forms with 3 passport size photographs
  • Photos must be two inches high by two inches wide(2x2in) with White Background
  • Nationality verification form
  • Copy of the first five pages and last two pages of the passport
  • A Copy of proof of valid visa stamp on the passport (green card, permanent residency card)
  • A Copy of proof of residency includes Driving License and GNG Bill for passport renewal and address change
  • US Passport renewal fee $60.00
  • Copy of I-94 document( I-94 is the Arrival and Departure Record)
  • Copy of work authorization H1B form I-797 approval from USCIS
  • OCI Prepaid Return Shipping Envelope Application or you can go passport renewal near me which offers 
  • Copy of Highest Educational Qualification Degree for Emigration Check Required (ECR) stamp
  • Copy of Marriage certificate needed if you are married (for spouse name inclusion) for passport renewal and name change application
  • Spouse Passport copy with front and back page or Green card for Indian Passport Renewal in USA

Step by step Procedure for Submission of Documents

  • Firstly, To Renew US passport Online, go to CKGS website directly for renewal of passport
  • Then, Choose passport service and enter the residence state and type of application. At the end of the step, the complete document checklist, passport fees (including CKGS handling charges), processing times and a temporary reference number are shown to us. Now Save this reference number.
  • Now fill out the supplementary forms and also letters as per your type of application and service.
  • Then, Choose the submission mode either Shipping or walk-in.
  • Pay Online Passport renewal fee. The cost to renew passport fee also includes CKGS passport renewal handling charges and shipping costs using Credit/Debit card.
  • Now, fill out Government’s online passport form and use capital letters only to fill this passport form.
  • You will get a New Web Reference Number from Government online NRI passport application form. Then, Submit it on CKGS website. Also, Save this new web reference number for later purpose.
  • Print the application form
  • Now, go back to CKGS website and fill in the government passport application reference number and then, go to their home page and choose “Already filled in the Government Online NRI Passport Form”.
  • After completing the online process, submit your Physical application through shipping.
  • Finally, After form submission, check the status using Web reference number and current Indian passport number.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

My Verdict

Finally, these are the documents required to renew passport online and process for renewing an expired passport for Indian Passport Renewal in USA. Generally, Many people ask How long does it take to get a passport renewed? In fact, the passport renewal time is 3-4 weeks. So, we suggest renew your passport 3 months before or 1 year before the expiry and don’t wait for the last moment. Therefore, If you have enough time to wait for 3 to 4 weeks then you can do normal otherwise you can go for Tatkal for getting a passport renewed quickly.

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