How to Apply For L-2 Visa EAD in USA | L 2 Visa EAD Application Process

Are you looking for a work permit in USA on L2 Visa? Here we will help you how to get work permit authorization with L2 Visa Jobs in USA. Here, in this article, we discuss What is L2 Visa? Documents required for L2 Visa, EAD application process and L2 visa work permit and authorization. So, Jot down the list of all essential documents of L2 Visa from the below sections.

What is L2 Visa?

First of all, Let us briefly know What is an L2 Visa? Here is the answer to the above question. “L2 Visa is a nonimmigrant visa given to the family members of L1 Visa Holders“. L2 visa holders include Spouse and children (under age 21) of L1 Visa holder. Most of the L2 Visa holders wish to work in USA to support the L1 Visa holder. L2 Visa holders are allowed to legally work in USA only through Employment Authorization Document (EAD Form I-765) which is popularly known as Work Permit. L2 Visa EAD card is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to provide temporary employment authorization for L2 Visa holders in USA.

L2 Visa EAD

Documents Required For L2 Visa EAD – I 765 CheckList

The following Documents are required to apply for L2 Visa EAD for the work permit in USA. So, checklist L2 Visa documents before appearing for L2 Visa. Don’t forget any of these L2 Documents while attending Visa Interview in the US Consulate.

  • USCIS Filing Fee $410.
  • Form G-1145.
  • Form I-765.
  • Copy of passport.
  • A Copy of US visa. 
  • Copy of I-94 arrival/departure record. 
  • Copy of marriage certificate.
  • Two (2) photographs.
  • Copy of SSN.

Also, check the dress code for US Visa Interview. What ever may be the Visa type, the dress code is common for all.

Important [So, Check the H4 Visa dress Code here].

EAD Application Process

Many applicants frequently ask how to apply for EAD On L2 Visa? Generally, EAD application process has two option. We can apply for EAD either through E-file Or through Mail. Both of them take the same time to process the application. If the applicant does e-filing, he/she would have to send the required documents by regular mail later.Here, we have given both the processes to apply for L2 EAD application.

Types of L2 EAD Application Process 

  • E-File: File the L2 EAD application Form I-765 Online at USCIS website. And pay the EAD card fee through Debit card or Credit Card. Applicants do not need to submit paper photographs through online. Applicants are advised to go to a USCIS support Center for providing electronic capture of a photograph, fingerprints, and signature.
  • Mail: Download the I-765 Form and complete the form and submit the form with supporting documents and pay the fee by check or money order to the USCIS.

After Filing the case with L2 visa EAD, USCIS will send the receipt number (13 digits). This is the case number for EAD L2 Visa. The approximate L2 Visa EAD application processing time will be indicated on the receipt. L2 Visa processing time take time period from few weeks to three months to process L2 Visa EAD case.

L2 Visa EAD Status Online

Applicants can also Check L2 Visa EAD Status online at USCIS using receipt number or call National Customer Service Center 1-800-375-5283.

If the applicant does not get any information from USCIS within 90 days, the applicant can go to the nearest USCIS by making an info pass appointment and obtain an interim L2 Visa EAD card.

Once the case is approved the applicant will receive a plastic L2 Visa EAD card. The validity period of L2 Visa EAD card will be written on the EAD Card.

L2 Visa EAD card is generally valid for two years and L2 Visa extension process depends upon spouse’s valid L1 Visa status. If L1 Visa holder loses his/her L1 Visa status then L2 Visa holder also loses the L2 Visa status by making the EAD card invalid.

Frequently Asked Questions of L2 Visa

Here are the frequently asked questions of L2 Visa. Check the questions along with the answers mentioned below. If you have any other questions apart from these, Aspirants of L2 Visa can comment in the below Comment Sections. So, that we can further discuss on this.

Q: What are the forms required for EAD on L2 Visa?

Ans: Only I-765 Form required.

Q: How long is the L2 EAD card valid?

Ans: As long as your spouse L1 is valid.

Q: In case I go back to India before I receive the EAD, can I ask someone to pick it up? Will I be able to use it when I come back again?

Ans: EAD card comes by mail, so anyone can receive it. Yes, you can use it after coming from India.

Q: Checklist or supporting documents for applying to EAD on L2 Visa?

  • Form G-1145 
  • Form I-765 
  • Copy of passport 
  • A Copy of US visa 
  • Copy of I-94 arrival/departure record 
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Two (2) photographs
  • Copy of SSN

L2 Visa EAD I-765 Form

My Verdict

Finally, Here we have given the complete information regarding L2 EAD application. So, Applicants are advised to check the H4 Visa Work permit in USA. Because H4 Work permit and L2 Work permit are similar. For latest updates stay tuned at America Masters.

Therefore, We wish Good Luck to all the L2 Visa aspirants. Hope this article is helpful to you and Book Mark America Masters for latest US Visa Updates.

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