Best Universities For MS In MIS – Masters In Information Systems

Are you preparing for an exciting field in Information Technology? Many students get confused whether to take MS in Computer Science or MS in Management Information Systems (MIS). Let us have a brief view regarding MS in MIS which is the best option to pursue Masters degree in USA.


Compared to Computer Science MS in MIS is one of the unique courses combination of both technical subjects and management subjects whereas in Computer Science it is the only technical oriented program. MS IN CS i.e MS In Computer Science degree prepares Engineers or Programmers whereas MS MIS prepares Business Analysts, System Analysts and IT Managers. MS in Information Technology is absolutely an advantage for the people who want to work in higher level positions like Director, Architects and CIO. According to FORBES Magazine, Master of management information system MIS one of the fourth best postgraduate degree options for a safe and secure high paying professional job in USA.

Ms in MIS


MS MIS IN USA is usually offered through schools of Business or managements. Here are some of the MS In MIS ranking universities which are offering MS In MIS USA. Hence check the list of best universities offering MS In MIS USA.

Specialisation in MS In MIS

Here are the most popular specialisation courses for MS In MIS. Specialisations in Management Information Systems(MIS) field are as follows.

  • Digital Business Systems.
  • Data Mining.
  • Security Systems.
  • ERP.
  • Information Technology Audit.

Pursuing Masters In MIS with specialised courses gives us more MS IN MIS job prospects.

Also, check the list of best universities in USA for MS.

Top Universities In USA for MS In MIS

SNO University
1 Arizona State University
2 Brigham Young University
3 Florida State University
4 Ohio State University-Main Campus
5 Univ of Illinois Chicago
6 Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
7 Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
8 Miami Dade College
9 Florida International University
10 Carnegie Mellon University
11 Purdue University-Main Campus
12 Texas A & M Universi
13 University of Houston
14 University of Arizona
15 The University of Texas at Austin
16 University of Illiniois, Springfield
17 University of Central Florida
18 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
19 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
20 University of North Texas
21 University of South Florida
22 University of Wisconsin-Madison
23 University of Colorado, Denver
24 University of South Florida ( USF)
25 University of Washington-Seattle Campus
26 MIT

Entry Requirements for MS in MIS

Universities in USA for MIS requires the student to have completed their Undergraduation in any field. Master’s degree information systems universities do not matter which field you came from, there might be some extra courses you have to complete once you join the master degree information systems University. MS in MIS universities USA program can be completed in 18-24 months. Universities do not keep work experience as a mandatory for admission to the MS MIS program. Some top universities for MS In MIS in USA advise students to have some amount of work experience before applying to information technology graduate programs but it is not compulsory to join in Masters in Information Technology and Management with work experience. If you do not have work experience you need to do some extra courses for MS MIS apart from the curriculum. GMAT is the mandatory test for MS in MIS USA but nowadays many MS MIS universities are also accepting GRE score as well. MS MIS universities also provide Masters In Information System online degree over the internet through online MIS degree programs.

Have a glance on the top 10 universities in USA.

My Opinion

Finally, I would like to suggest that MS in MIS in US is the best field for both Technical skills and Bussiness Knowledge. MS In MIS focuses mainly on Application Technology to achieve Organisational goals and to solve business problems. With Master of management information technology, you are able to direct companies on how to design, implement and manage the system. So, check top universities for MS In MIS in USA and get admission from these MS MIS Universities. Therefore, America Masters wishes Good Luck to all the MS MIS aspirants.

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