Online MBA NO GMAT Required Universities in USA

Are you interested to pursue Online MBA (Masters in Business Administration)? Then, you need to take GMAT test. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the widely accepted test for the admission in top business schools in USA for MBA programs. Almost 80% Best Universities in USA require GMAT score for admission into Online MBA Programs. But there are some Universities, around 20% accept candidates for Online MBA programs no GMAT. Some candidates do not want to take the GMAT test because of test anxiety, cost, inconvenience. The Online MBA No GMAT programs have the following points to consider. If you do not want to take the GMAT, then you can opt for any of the following alternatives.

  • Take GRE Test
  • Study MBA Programs Online No GMAT
  • If you are experienced, go through Executive MBA Programs

online mba no gmat

Online MBA No GMAT Programs

Many experienced business professionals who want to move up the career and salary ratio choose to get their Best Online MBA No GMAT program. Business Schools offering MBA online no GMAT courses can be categorised into three groups as follows.

1. Some top executive MBA programs.
2. Some lesser known full-time MBA programs.
3. Online MBA programs i.e MBA Programs Online No Gmat Required.

Executive MBA Programs

Executive MBA programs are designed to suit the needs of experienced professionals who wish to obtain an MBA without taking a break from their current jobs. The minimum work experience required for this MBA programs is at least five years.

Full-Time MBA programs

The Top universities in USA offering full-time MBA programs require submission of GMAT or GRE scores. However, there are some cheapest Online MBA no GMAT MBA schools which offer full-time MBA programs accept applications without the GMAT score.Candidates can do their research about the MBA programs otherwise go for job prospects to suits their career requirements.

Online MBA programs NO GMAT

Many top Online MBA Schools offers online MBA programs for Online MBA without GMAT.Having the option of skipping the GMAT is great in demand for experienced professionals, it saves preparation time, as well as the expense of classes and the exam cost itself. The number of top universities in US that do not require this GMAT exam For MBA Admission is significantly increasing.The following Universities in USA offer Online MBA No GMAT programs but they still are often quite selective; they simply look at factors other than the GMAT score like capabilities of prospective students, including grade point average, professional work experience, and references.The candidate who prefers Online MBA programs without GMAT score must fulfil the following conditions.

  • Some universities require GPA Grade Point Average above 3.3 in Undergraduate program.
  • Many Universities choose relevant work-experience of four years or more that is closely related to the degree that the candidate aims to study.
  • Online MBA GMAT waiver needs Two or three Letters of recommendations from both academic and employment sources.

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Best Online Business Schools in USA offering Online MBA no GMAT Programs

These are best MBA schools in USA offering Online MBA no GMAT.Here, is the list of best Online MBA rankings for masters of Business Administration In USA.

Sl.No University
1 Colorado Technical University
2 Southern New Hampshire University
3 University of Dayton
4 Liberty University
5 California University of Pennsylvania
6 Emporia University
7 Tarleton State University
8 University of Maryland
9 Fitchburg State College
10 Cameron University
11 Northeastern University
12 Abilene Christian University
13 West Texas A&M University
14 Villanova University School of Business
15 Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University
16 Washington State University
17 Grand Canyon University
18 University of Saint Mary
19 Ohio University
20 Villanova University
21 University of Kansas
22 Ball State University
23 Fayetteville State University
24 University of Florida
25 University of Scranton
26 University of Alabama
27 University of South Dakota
28 Howard University
29 George Mason University
30 University of Nevada

Best Online MBA Programs Without GMAT

The top Online MBA programs no GMAT provides the following specialisations for Online MBA programs without GMAT.

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Information Technology
  • General Business
  • Executive
  • Human Resources Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operations Management
  • Leadership Management
  • Information/Cyber Security
  • Information/Cyber Security
  • Big Data Analytics
  • International Business

Job Opportunities For Online MBA No GMAT

Best Online MBA programs that do not require GMAT offers best job opportunities for Online MBA No GMAT graduates are as follows.

  • Management Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Top Executive

My Verdict

We hope you found this article useful for Online MBA no GMAT. Finally, these are the best Universities In USA Offering Online MBA no GMAT programs especially to the working professionals, who want to pursue MBA degree without giving break to their career jobs.By earning a master’s degree in business administration, you will enjoy a ton of exciting job possibilities, job promotions and you also gain good leadership qualities.For latest updates and information stay tuned at America Masters.

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