Are you very passionate about pursuing Masters in Canada? Then, Don’t worry we have given the detailed information about how to start the journey for studying in Canada and a step by step procedure to apply for universities in Canada. How to apply for a Canadian visa and also the immigration process. Now, Let us discuss the step by step process to study abroad in Canada.

study abroad in canada

Requirements to study in Canada

 Candidates who are willing to study in Canada have to prepare for the tests like IELTS/TOFEL or GRE. It is better to start the preparation before the completion of their Bachelor’s degree. So, it saves their valuable time. The candidates must apply for a passport before they appear on the examination. As these examinations require the passport as a valid identity proof.

Not only students are eligible for pursuing Masters in Canada but also the people who have work experience can also get study permit in Canada. Work experience is considered as an additional benefit for the candidates who are willing to study abroad in Canada. Hence these are the general requirements to pursue masters in Candian universities.

How to Apply For Universities in Canada

Book a slot for the English proficiency test either it may be IELTS or TOFEL. Once they registered the slot the candidates should vigorously prepare for the exams. If you get the good score or band then you can easily get the admission from the best university. This is the first and foremost tip for the people who are willing to step into Canada to pursue their Masters. After appearing the examination candidates are given a score card. This scorecard is useful at the time of applying for universities. Aspirants are allowed to choose the universities based on their test scores. So, they should submit their scores to the colleges which are appropriate to their test scores and undergraduate percentile. As all these information about the universities and their required scores is provided in the official websites of the respective universities.

For Students

After selecting particular universities, the applicants are requested to send their marks memo through soft copy as well as hard copy called as transcripts. These transcripts should be attested by the Head of the Institution or their University Head. Later all these transcripts are required to send through speed post to Canadian universities prior to the application deadline. The applications and score cards are examined by the evaluators and they decide whether to give an admission or not based on the requirements of colleges in Canada. If your test scores and academic profile satisfies the requirements of the college then, you will definitely get admission from that particular Canadian college.

For Experienced

Candidates who have work experience must enclose their previous company work experience certificates, hike letter, payslips, a relieving letter which is signed by the Manager and HR of the respective organisation. These are the required documents which could be sent as a soft copy to the Canada Universities before the deadline of that university. Applicants who are having a good score in IELTS /TOFEL exams and also having work experience are offered to fund from the Universities. Which is an added advantage later for the placements as well as it reduces the fee burden. So, getting a good score and having work experience is a great chance to study Masters in Canada. So, prepare well and make your dreams come true.

Canada Visa Application

study abroad in canada

As this is the final step of our journey, we must be very attentive. Candidates who got admission from their dreamed universities are now eligible to apply for the Visa interview. The mode of the Canadian visa interview is Dropbox method. So, there won’t be any face to face interactions like US visa. The only thing we have to do is to prove that we are financially capable of bearing all the expenses of tuition fees, living of ourselves as well as the family member’s who are willing to come to Canada along with us. You must pay the tuition fee of first-semester in advance before applying for the Dropbox visa and make sure that your bank account has sufficient funds to meet the expenses in Canada.

The most important thing is that the aspirant who desires to study in Canada should not have any criminal records. So, the candidate should give assurance to the Government of Canada that they will not create any of disturbances. They need to provide a police certificate in addition to the above declarations. Candidates should also possess sound health and willing to complete a medical examination if it is necessary. So, by satisfying all these requirements you are almost done with your Canadian visa.

Visa Validity Period For Canada

Now, You may get a query like How long can I stay in Canada? For the two-year study program, you will certainly get a visa for five years. Similarly, for one year course, you will get a visa for three years. As It’s a great opportunity for the people who aspire to pursue Masters in Canada. On the other hand, it’s quite simple to get Citizenship in Canada when compared to the United States of America and other countries.

Visa Waiver Conditions

There are special exception cases for those who wish to study in Canada for short span. Candidates do not need a study permit if you plan to take up a course in Canada for six months or less. The only thing is you must complete the course or program within the period of your authorised stay in Canada. Candidates who are a citizen of another country and has Registered Indian status in Canada, need not require any permit to study abroad Canada.

study abroad in canada


Once If you have done with your visa then you are almost achieved your dream of studying in Canada. The last and the final task is to clear your immigration. As this is very simple when compared to the entire process. The immigration officer of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will ask few questions about you, your intention of visiting Canada and about your college or university at the port of entry. Just answer all the questions positively with a confident smile.

My Personal Opinion

Finally, I can say that studying in Canada is one of the best opportunity to the people who desire to complete their masters at low cost and high standards. The total cost of the education is very affordable when compared to the united states or any other countries. Even there are many world class standard universities which provide excellent quality of services around the globe. So, utilise this wonderful opportunity and make your dreams come true.