List of Top 25 Universities In The World 2018 – Global University Rankings

Generally, It is a dream of every student to pursue higher education in the top universities in the world. Today we would like to discuss the list of top 25 universities in the world. So, that this top ranking list helps the aspirants in getting admitted into their desired top universities online in the world by satisfying their admission requirements of top universities in the world.

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Top Universities In The World 2018

Firstly, we want to say that these top rankings universities 2018 are given on considering various aspects of the respected top universities of 2018 or schools. Hence, here we would like to explain the factors that are considered in rankings the top universities in the world.

  • The first factor is Academic Fame.
  • Faculty of the University.
  • Research Facilities.
  • International Outlook.
  • Knowledge Transfer.
  • Extracurricular benefits.
  • satisfaction of alums.
  • Affordability of tuition.
  • Expected income of graduates etc.

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Top Ranking Universities 2018

These are the main aspects to be considered by the students before getting admitted into any university. So, check the list of top 25 universities in the world. In this list, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom crowns the first position followed by the second top university Harvard University of united states. Here the most surprising factor is the majority schools in the list of top universities in the world are from united states. Also, Check top universities in the USA.

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Top 25 Universities in the World 2018

1 University of Cambridge
2 Harvard University
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4 Yale University
5 University of Oxford
6 Imperial College London
7 University College London
8 University of Chicago
9 University of Pennsylvania
10 Columbia University
11 Stanford University
12 California Institute of Technology
13 Princeton University
14 University of Michigan
15 Cornell University
16 Johns Hopkins University
17 McGill University
18 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
19 Duke University
20 University of Edinburgh
21 University of California, Berkeley
22 University of Hong Kong
23 University of Toronto
24 Northwestern University
25 The University of Tokyo

So, Finally here is the list of best ranking top universities in the world for the year 2018. These rankings may change year to year due to improvement in the overall percent of some schools or top universities and vice versa.

How do these Top Rankings are given to the Universities?

Earlier we explained about the ranking indicators to be considered before admitting into any school. Similarly, top university rankings are also given based on these ranking indicators like academic reputation, student to faculty ratio, the number of international students and their performance. For example, let us consider one of the top Universities in USA i.e Harvard university in the united states. The Harvard University is the well-known school in the research work. They do top quality research when compared to the other top schools in the United states. Similarly, Stanford University with an $18.7 billion endowment it has access to numerous world-class research resources. Some top schools in USA like MIT and California Institute of Technology have excellent faculty and maintain a good student to faculty ratio. 

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Finally, Each school in this list has excellent ranking factors in different fields. So, the rankings of these top 25 universities are given by considering the overall performance score of the particular school in various fields. So work hard and become a graduate from the top universities in the world. Hope this article is helpful to you and stay tuned to America Masters for more details regarding top rated online colleges and universities, best universities in USA for MS in Engineering Management and also MBA Universities in USA without GMAT

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