Top Mechanical Engineering Schools in USA – Mechanical Engineering MS in USA

Are you interested in doing Mechanical Engineering Masters in top Mechanical engineering schools in USA? Then check out the list of top mechanical engineering graduate schools in USA. In this article, we briefly explain the following aspects regarding Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

What is Mechanical Engineering & MAsters In Mechanical Engineering?
Top Mechanical Engineering Schools In USA.
Mechanical Engineering Degree Specialisations.
How much do Mechanical Engineers make?
Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

At first, Let us discuss What is Mechanical Engineering? The Candidates who are interested in the design, analysis, development, testing, manufacturing, installation, control, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems which have moveable parts then Mechanical Engineering could be the best programme to study Masters In Mechanical Engineering in best mechanical engineering schools in USA. Mechanical engineering definition deals with the design, construction and use of machines. Mechanical engineering masters is the programme that applies the principles of engineering, physics, and mathematics and it also holds key elements of aerospace, electrical, civil, chemical and even materials science and bioengineering.

top mechanical engineering schools in usa

Top Mechanical Engineering Schools In USA

So, here is the list of top Mechanical engineering schools in USA which offers Masters In Mechanical engineering internships and a wide range of Mechanical engineering jobs. For admission into the top mechanical engineering graduate schools candidate needs to take GRE and IELTS tests. Based on the IELTS band and GRE score, We will get admitted into the Masters In Mechanical Engineering courses in Mechanical Engineering Technology in the Mechanical engineering top schools.

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List Of Top Mechanical Engineering Schools In USA

SNo University Location
1 Massachusetts Inst Of Technology CAMBRIDGE
2 University Of Michigan Ann Arbor
3 University Of California-Berkeley BERKELEY
4 Princeton University PRINCETON
5 University Of Texas At Austin AUSTIN
6 Univ Of California-San Diego San Diego
7 Northwestern University EVANSTON
8 Univ Of California-Los Angeles Los Angeles
9 Texas A&m University College Station
10 Carnegie Mellon University PITTSBURGH
11 Virginia Polytech Inst & State U BLACKSBURG
12 University Of Wisconsin-Madison MADISON
13 Ohio State University COLUMBUS
14 University Of California-Davis DAVIS
15 Lehigh University BETHLEHEM
16 Rice University HOUSTON
17 University Of Maryland College Park College Park
18 University Of Southern California Los Angeles
19 Rutgers State Univ-New Brunswick New Brunswick
20 University Of Delaware NEWARK
21 Johns Hopkins University BALTIMORE
22 University Of California-Irvine IRVINE
23 State Univ Of New York-Buffalo BUFFALO
24 University Of Utah Salt Lake City
25 University Of Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE
26 University Of Illinois At Chicago CHICAGO
27 Iowa State University IOWA
28 Washington State University PULLMAN
29 University Of Missouri-Rolla ROLLA
30 Univ Of California-Santa Barbara Santa Barbara
31 Auburn University AUBURN
32 University Of Rochester ROCHESTER
33 George Washington University N.W. Washington
34 State Univ Of New York-Stony Brook Stony Brook
35 University Of Connecticut STORRS
36 Louisiana State U & A&m College Baton Rouge
37 University Of Oklahoma L-1 Norman
38 Kansas State University MANHATTAN
39 University Of Kansas LAWRENCE
40 Wayne State University DETROIT
41 Clarkson University POTSDAM
42 University Of Missouri-Columbia COLUMBIA
43 University Of Kentucky LEXINGTON
44 University Of Alabama-Huntsville HUNTSVILLE
45 Oregon State University CORVALLIS
46 University Of Houston HOUSTON
47 University Of Rhode Island KINGSTON
48 University Of Florida GAINESVILLE
49 Michigan Technological University HOUGHTON
50 Univ Of Massachusetts At Amherst AMHERST

Best Schools for Mechanical Engineering

These are the top Mechanical engineering schools in USA offering admissions for Masters In Mechanical engineering. The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology in Cambridge crowns the first position and became the first best Mechanical engineering schools in USA. The University Of Michigan in Ann Arbor is the second most University in the top schools for Mechanical Engineering. To get admitted into these best Mechanical Engineering schools students are required to get good GRE and IELTS score.

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Mechanical Engineering Degree specialisations

The top Mechanical engineering Schools in USA offers the online Mechanical degree. Some of the specialisations offered by top Mechanical Engineering graduate schools in USA are as follows.

  • Product Design and Development
  • Engineering Design and Innovation
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Simulation-driven Engineering(SDE)
  • Robotics and Control
  • Nanotechnology

Mechanical Engineer salary & Mechanical Engineering Jobs

One of the most frequently asked question how much do Mechanical Engineers make? Average Mechanical Engineer Salary in USA is $83,590 per year. Entry level Mechanical Engineering jobs in USA pay $64,109 per year. The annual wage for Mechanical Engineering technicians was $54,480. Mechanical Engineering Intern Salary is $18.04 per hour. Mechanical Engineer Salaries are in the top 82% from all other careers in the USA. So, due to this highest paying engineering salaries, Majority of students are choosing to pursue Masters In Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical engineering Degree offers jobs in almost all sectors of the engineering industry. Some of the Jobs in Mechanical Engineering offers Recruitment in the following sectors with the highest paying Engineering salaries.

  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Materials and metals industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Defence industry
  • Fast moving consumer goods industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Marine industry
  • Rail industry

What do Mechanical Engineers do?

What does a Mechanical engineer do? The Mechanical Engineers are well-rounded creative individuals who touch virtually every aspect of modern life, from mobile phones and biomedical devices to aircraft and power plants. Mechanical engineers also work on all kinds of mechanical, environmental, and materials, fluids, and heat-related problems. The Mechanical engineer Job description is typically involved with the generation, distribution, and use of energy. Mechanical engineering career requires at least a bachelor’s degree. American Society of Mechanical Engineers is one of the leading organizations in the world developing codes, standards, publications, conferences, continuing education and professional development programs provide a foundation for advancing technical knowledge and a safer world to the engineering mechanics.

Masters In Mechanical Engineering

My Verdict

Finally, these are the top mechanical engineering schools in USA offering best graduate Mechanical Degree programme in USA. By pursuing Masters In Mechanical Engineering we will get the opportunity to create something tangible and useful. For latest updates and information stay tuned at America Masters Also, check the list of best universities in USA for MS IN Engineering Management. MBA universities in USA without GMAT. The complete list of top rated online colleges and universities.

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