Different types of US Non-Immigrant & Immigrant Visa

Generally, Everyone has a dream of visiting other countries. In order to visit other countries, every individual requires a permission from the respective country which we want to visit. That permission is called as a VISA. These visas can be of many types such as immigrant visa, non-immigrant visa, travel visa. etc. Here, I want to explain about the different types of US visas (United States). So, In this article, the following topics are covered.

  • What is Visa? 
  • What is U.S Visa?
  • Different types of visas?
  • What is a non-immigrant visa?
  • What is an immigrant visa?
  • Types of US visa
  • The difference between nonimmigrant visa and immigrant visa.

What is A visa?

Visa Definition 

A visa is an endorsement or approval on a passport reflecting that the holder is allowed to enter, stay or leave for a specified period of time in a country. Simply it is a government issued document outlining your terms of stay.

types of visas

What is a U.S. Visa?

A US visa is required for any foreign individual entering the United States. The U.S visa is placed in the traveller’s passport. Any person can enter the united states with a valid US visa for a particular period of time. As there are different categories of united states visa so, the consulate will issue the particular category visa based on our purpose of visit to the United States Of America.

There are also some exceptions for the international travellers who don’t need any kind of US visa to enter the United States if and only if they meet certain requirements. US citizens don’t need any kind of visa when they are travelling in the United States but they are supposed to get the respective visa when they are travelling to other countries. So, When u are planning to visit any other country, make sure that you have met all the visa requirements of that country which you are wishing to.

 Different types of US visaS -Categories of US Visa

United States visa is mainly categorised based on the purpose of our travel to united states and the US immigration law defines the types of visa. So, the U.S visas are broadly categorised into two types. They are

  • Non-Immigrant Visa.
  • Immigrant Visa.


Non immigrant visas are mainly intended for the people who want to enter the United States temporarily for the purpose of education, business, training, sightseeing or meeting a friend. The Citizenship and Immigration Legal Services, Inc will help you to define the most suitable visa for you according to the purpose of your trip as well as your academic and professional backgrounds. The United States immigration imposes some strict rules for the people holding NON IMMIGRANT visas like they are not allowed to do specific activities like study, employment, paid auditions or seek a permanent residence in United states during their stay in the USA. So, After the America visa application process for US non immigrant visa, visa holder will get non immigrant visa number.

types of us visas

 IMMIGRANT VISA – Categories of US Visa

Unlike non-immigrant visas, US Immigrant visa allows an individual to enter the United States and also to stay in the country as a permanent resident. Once if you possess a US immigrant visa issued in your name, then you are eligible for applying for a Green card. However, it is important for you to note that the immigrant visas are hard to obtain when compared to the non-immigrant visas and these visas are issued on the petition based. Generally, this petition is approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). So, people who want to immigrate to the UnitedStates must have a petition before applying for an immigrant visa. This petition should be filed either by a qualified relative or a potential employer at a USCIS in the United States.


For each letter of the alphabet, there is a visa which is described in the following table. So, check the different types of Non-Immigrant & Immigrant visas of united states. The types of visas USA are as follows.

Type of Visa
Purpose of travel
A-1 Foreign Government Officials
Other Ambassadors
Public Ministers
A-2 Foreign Government Officials
Other Government Employee
A-3 Personal Employee of A-1 or A-2
B-1 Temporary Business Travellers visa
Domestic servant
B-2 Tourists visa
Temporary Visit for Pleasure
Medical Treatment
C-1, C-1/D Alien in transit
Crewman visa
D-1 Crewmember same vessel departure
E-1 Treaty Trader, Spouses and Children below 21
E-3 Australian H-1B visa
EB-5 Green Card for $1 million investment
Pilot program
F-1 Student visa
F-2 Spouse and children of F-1
G-1 Foreign representative to International Organization
Foreign Staff
Immediate Family
G-2 Other Representative to International Organization
Immediate Family
G-5 Servants and employee of G-1 & G-2
H-1B1 Professionals temporary stay perform a speciality occupation
H-1B2 Aliens temporary stay to perform cooperative research
H-1C Nurse coming to areas of health professional shortage
I A representative of Foreign Information Media, Spouses and Child
J-1 / J-2 Exchange visitors
K-1 Fiancee of US Citizen
K-2 Minor Child of Fiancee of US Citizen
K-3 Spouse of US Citizen under LIFE Act
K-4 Children of K-3 under LIFE Act
L-1 A Intracompany Transferee with International Firm (Executive, Managerial)
L-1 B Intracompany Transferee with International Firm (Specialized Knowledge Personnel)
L-2 Spouses and Children under (21)
M-1 Vocational Student or Nonacademic Student
M-2 Spouses and Children under (21)
NATO Principal Permanent Representative of Member State to NATO
P-1 Athletes, Entertainment Groups and Supportive members
P-2 Artistic Exchange (reciprocal exchange program)
P-3 Artistic Exchange (culturally unique program)
P-4 Spouse and children under(21)
Q-1 Participant of International Cultural Exchange Program
R-1 People of religious occupation
R-2 Spouse or children of R-1
S-5 People Supplying Critical Information to Criminal Organization
S-6 People Supplying Critical Information Relating to Terrorism
S-7 Family of S-5 & S-6
T-1 Victim of a severe form of trafficking
T-2 Spouse of a victim
T-3 Child of a victim
T-4 Parent of a victim
TN Professional Workers under NAFTA
U-1 Victim of Certain Criminal Activity
U-2 Spouse of victim
U-3 Child of a victim
U-4 Parent of victim if victim is under(21)
TPS Temporary Protected Status

Hence these are the different types of us visas available for the people who want to enter the United States. As there are different kinds of US Visa, apply for visa based on our US Visa types and fill US visa application process online form signing i.e ds 160 online form India. Choose your visa application center and schedule a US visa interview.

Difference between Non-Immigrant & Immigrant visa

Hence, Finally, we can say that a nonimmigrant visa is a visa issued to the person with a permanent residence outside the United States but who desire to be in the United States on a temporary basis such as for study visa, work visa, tourism (travel visa), medical treatment. Whereas the immigrant visa or permanent residence visa is issued to the person who wishes to live permanently in the United States. Hope you completely understand about the types of us visas. Stay tuned to America masters for more information regarding Study visa i.e what is f1 visa? work visa What is H1B visa? work visa types, Travel visa and how to apply for a visa? visa application process and much more about united states f1 visa and US H1B Visa.

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