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Did you know there are some universities in USA which offers admission without GRE score requirement? Yes, In this article I would like to discuss the list of universities in USA without GRE score. So that we can apply to these no GRE universities in USA even if we get low GRE score or unable to retake the exam again due to some reasons.

universities without GRE

What is GRE?

The full form of GRE is Graduate Record Examinations. It is a standardised admission test conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Services) to test the calibre of the applicants who are aspiring to pursue the master’s program in the United states. ETS GRE scores are accepted by most of the top graduate schools in the United states. So, GRE score is considered as a crucial aspect in getting admitted into the popular and top grad schools in USA. But, there are some good top class American universities which give admissions into some US graduate programs without GRE score. So that we cannot directly join the postgraduate programme in the USA without attempting GRE i.e Universities without GRE requirement.

Best Universities In USA For MS

Here, is the detailed list of universities which accept students admission without GRE score. So, check the list of universities without GRE requirement. There are also some US PhD universities without GRE. Also, check US grad schools which offer PhD program without GRE and grad programs without GRE. There are Some grad schools which provides fully funded PhD programs in education.

Check Top 10 Universities In USA For MS

List of USA Universities No GRE Requirements

US Universities without GRE Requirements

S.NO Universities
1 University Of Dayton University of Dayton
2 Stevens Institute of Technology
3 New Mexico state University
4 University of Nebraska
5 University of Pittsburg
6 University of Northern Virginia
7 Purdue University
8 Massachusetts institute of technology
9 California State University Sacramento
10 University of Bridgeport
11 Oklahoma City University
12 Farleigh Dickinson University
13 Monmouth University
14 Montclair State University
15 Richard Stockton College of NJ
16 Rowan University
17 Wichita State University
18 Kansas State University
19 Virginia State University
20 Florida International University
21 Villanova University
22 University of Idaho
23 West Texas A&M University
24 University of Florida for Arts Education
25 George Mason University

These 25 universities are no GRE required universities for the admission process. So, students can apply to these US universities without GRE score. There are even some top universities in this list like MIT and CSU which do not require GRE for some graduate programs like Civil Engineering, Electrical engineering. So, kindly check the universities with no GRE requirements before applying to that particular university. 

Also, check the list of Blacklisted Universities in the USA. 

IS IT Safe For Applying For US Universities Without GRE?

Now, The questions like Does universities with no gre are safe? Grad Program without GRE are safe to pursue masters in US? arises in our mind.

The answer to the above question is YES if that particular university or school has proper Accreditation then it is safe to apply for the school. So, Make sure whether the university you are applying is properly accredited or not otherwise, it may lead to many serious consequences while applying for OPT Extension. The scope of applying to the USA universities or schools is also limited with no GRE requirements. So, it is advised to all the Engineering Major student to take GRE, if you are planning for MS in US or PhD. Otherwise, you may have to choose the best school within the limited options. So, think twice before applying to the NO GRE required schools and act timely.


Finally, Here is the list of schools or universities without GRE score, we can get admission. But In my opinion, usually, all top schools require GRE score with some exceptions for Masters and PhD admissions based on the graduate program. Low ranked universities usually don’t ask for GRE and IELTS but it is not recommended to join in low ranked schools as we have to face a lot of consequences later. So, check the accreditation of the university before you are applying for it and get admitted into the good school with proper Accreditation. Stay tuned to America Masters for more updates regarding best universities in USA for MS in engineering management and list of universities in USA for MS in industrial engineering, MBA universities in USA without GMAT and list of top grad schools for MS in USA

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  • I went to George Mason University for their Earth Science & Geoinformation Systems PhD program and it was atrocious. They didn’t fund students and the professors were arrogant people who worked full time elsewhere & were unavailable for students. I quit after 1 semester because students were literally on their own navigating through their horrible program. Students were treated as an afterthought and teachers were there to brag about all they did in their careers, not teach you anything of use. I had a final project ruined because my professor was unavailable to provide a promised working spectrometer for my project. Dealing with the incompetence was too exhausting so I quit.

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