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World Education Service(WES) is a system that provides the transcript evaluation for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in the United States or Canada. WES undertakes business with thousands of Academic institutions, professional licensing bodies. Employers partner with WES to evaluate the credentials of candidates educated abroad and describes each certificate, diploma or degree that the candidate has earned and states its academic equivalency. The WES evaluation also conducts workshops on credential evaluation services, country specific grade presentations, and aid in international student recruitment. Credential Evaluation Services by WES provides candidates with a convenient online application where they can obtain detailed instructions regarding required documents of degree evaluation and track the status of their WES Evaluation anytime.

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WES Evaluation Process

Most of the abroad Universities don’t understand your academic transcripts or marks sheets as they measure grades based on 100% Scale. Many US universities measure student performance on 4 point scale. WES Evaluation Universities will convert your grades from Indian institution to 4 points scale US Grading system, and send the results to the University Application. WES foreign transcript evaluations are widely accepted and often specifically requested by academic institutions, licensing boards, employers and government agencies.

Types of WES Evaluation

WES Transcript Evaluation offers following types of credential evaluation reports for students/professional.

  • Course-by-Course Reports.
  • Document-by-Document Reports.
  • CPA Board Evaluation.

Course-by-Course Reports

WES Course-by-Course Evaluation sample is acceptable for Education, Certification and licensing.

  • WES Identifies and describes each WES diploma Evaluation or WES certificate Evaluation.
  • Indicates the periods of education through WES Evaluation report.
  • WES credit Evaluation provides the Foreign degree equivalency in USA for each degree evaluation WES transcript.
  • The WES Evaluation services list all courses (subjects) with US semester credit evaluation.
  • WES ICAP course by course evaluation gives a grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale


WES Document-by-Document Evaluation is acceptable for Employment, Immigration or Secondary school references.

  • WES Identifies and describes each WES diploma Evaluation or WES certificate Evaluation.
  • It indicates the periods of education through WES Evaluation report.
  • WES credit Evaluation provides a U.S. equivalency for each document.

It’s always good to go with WES ICAP Course-By-Course evaluation if not mentioned by the University.US Universities always ask for the course by course evaluation only.But the fact is all Universities would mention the type of WES credential Evaluation to take. The WES transcript evaluation lists all the courses you have taken in the under graduation, converts each of them to foreign semester credit and grade equivalent (4 point scale) and determines final GPA.

WES Evaluation Fee

The WES Evaluation Services fee varies based on the types of evaluation you take.The following are the basic evaluation fee for 7 days.

WES Evaluation Cost for Foreign Degree Equivalency in USA

Evaluation WES Fee
Document by Document $100
Course by Course $160
CPA board evaluation $260

How to apply for WES Evaluation 

WES evaluation procedure to apply for WES Evaluation is given here in step by step process.

1) Create an account on the WES Evaluation website.
2) Log on to WES Evaluation login. Now here, you will see tabs like personal info, Your Education, Your Evaluation etc., On the WES Education Evaluation tab, enter the university details and click on agree to submit option.
3) On the next page of WES, credential Evaluation report selects the type of evaluation you want to take. Now, mostly You are suggested to select the WES course by course evaluation because many universities mention the candidate to take WES course by course evaluation.
4) On the same page Of WES Evaluation, Turnaround time will be selected by the system automatically. Sometimes 3-business day, 7-business day and same day services are not available.
5) After that add the institutional name and select the “Educational Institution.”
6) Here, you can add as many institutions as you want. For each additional institution cost $30 extra.Now, the WES Evaluation cost will apply. You can pay the WES evaluation fee with Credit card.

Documents required for WES Evaluation

After paying the WES evaluation fee you need to send the following documents to WES transcript Evaluation.
Submit the following documents for WES Credential Evaluation if you are from India.

  • Individual semester transcripts.
  • The official transcript should be enclosed in an envelope, sealed and signed by the university. WES Transcript Evaluation needs transcripts from the University or Autonomous College.WES transcript credential Evaluation doesn’t accept transcripts from individual colleges.
  • Copies of Final Provisional and degree certificate and do not send the originals.

You can check the WES Evaluation required documents online for your country and the University of Mumbai and Gujrat University have special instructions on the WES Evaluation website.

WES Education Evaluation

My Verdict

Finally, here we provided the complete details regarding documents required for WES Credential Evaluation, process and WES Evaluation cost & WES details. One of the frequently asked question How long does it take to obtain a WES Credential evaluation? This transcript evaluation process generally takes 7 days or less depending upon the type of you choose. However, for additional research, correspondence or verification, the transcript evaluation will take a longer period. We suggest you start the process as early as possible and submit all the required documents for WES Evaluation to confirm the timely completion of the credential evaluation report. For latest updates stay tuned to America Masters.

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